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Our Blogs

Does Class Size Matter?

Yes, class size does matter because class size directly affects the learner’s ability to learn. Click here to read more.

Is Learning Best in the Morning?

For adult learners generally speaking Yes. Adult learners are typically a "lark" chronotype, and morning is best for learning. Click here to read more.

What Days are Good for Learning?

Any day except Monday!  Multiple studies suggest that people’s moods are typically at their lowest on Mondays, and people tend to be the least productive on a Monday. Click to read more.

How Long can Learners Concentrate?

On a computer course, effectively no more than five hours.  Long courses routinely deliver poorer learning outcomes than shorter courses.  Click to read more.

A Real Benefit of Remote Learning

A real benefit of remote learning is sharing your screen - why?  Click to read more.

Training is not a Luxury it's a Necessity

Over the past couple of years, the world of work has seen significant disruption and change, with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Employees have been expected to change and adapt to new digital technology at an accelerated rate, with little or no training.  Click to read more.

Is Online Learning Effective?

Coming soon