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Software Solutions

Software Developers & Trainers

100% NZ Owned and Operating since 1994

Mobile: 027 285 23 89 Email: [email protected]

Software Solutions Online Classrooms

During the COVID-19 lock down it is important to maintain your learning and development with your preferred trainer Software Solutions. If you have done one of our courses, but have had very little time to practice now is the time to redo the course online as a refresher. If you have done Level 1, or Level 2 and haven't had the to do the next level, now is the time to build on what you have learnt and master the next level. If you are self-taught and have always wanted to learn how to use a program properly now is the time to learn online.  

  • Unlimited email, phone, Skype, Teams, or Zoom support
  • Microsoft certificate on completion
  • Course Notes broken down in to fully illustrated chapters
  • Chapters are Step by Step
  • Chapters are easy to follow just tick off as you go along
  • You can easily find your place if you have a break
  • Collection of Videos to watch and learn how to perform tasks
  • Many and varied Exercises to practice what is learnt
  • Certificate on successful completion
  • Pre-Training Assessment to gauge knowledge level
  • Post-Training Assessment to measure ROI and growth
  • The Key Template is to help you learn the fast keys
  • Collection of Quizzes to see how much you have learnt
  • Email or phone the teacher directly for support
  • Skype or zoom the teacher directly for support
  • Material written by Software Solutions
  • In line with other courses you have done
  • New Zealand terminology, references and examples
  • Packages for all Skill Levels
  • Whether Self Taught, Beginners or Advanced
  • Learn at a Time and at a Pace that suits you
  • Learn in the Privacy of your own work space
  • Learn Online or Offline
  • Enter the course as many times and whenever you need

Cathi Barker is your support person throughout your Online Courses with unlimited phone, email, Teams, Zoom and Skype support with each course!

Our Online Courses are an alternative to a face to face course 

Our online courses are developed by Software Solutions, here in Tauranga. They are relevant to the New Zealand context. They are 100% New Zealand owned and operated. Our courses come with unlimited email, Zoom, Teams, TeamViewer, Skype, or phone support. Our online courses include the course notes, videos, quizzes, tasks, exercises and lab projects. These videos, quizzes can be replayed as many times as you wish, and the notes, labs and exercise files can be read and done at your own pace, so you learn at your own speed and time and don't have to deal with the pressure of trying to keep up with others or being held back by others in the class. There is no time limit, take as long as you need to complete the course. You can do the courses anywhere and on any device online. With our Online Classrooms you can truly teach yourself to use a software application effectively without the commitment of attending a class.


"Level 1 all complete :D. I have found this very worthwhile and have picked up all sorts of handy tips. Now to put them into action! Very much looking forward to Levels 2 and 3..." Keryn, Excel, Seeka 

"I am really enjoying the training so far! Very easy to follow and learn :) 

Meg, Access, Lakes District Health Board

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